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Doris   doris.southeast@gmail.com
07-17-2017 10:25:02 AM CST
Southeast Building And Shed, We service all your shed needs.Call Doris at 813-715-2496 To get your 6x8 shed today.

Diana K   Dkotchounian@gmail.com
05-12-2017 7:59:16 AM CST
Are there any homes for sale?

Lisa Hast   lisa@ebinsure.com
04-20-2017 3:06:48 PM CST
Need help with mobilehome insurance? We have helped many of your neighbors recently. Call Lisa @ East Bay Insurance (813) 645-2502

Diana Golday    dianagolday1@gmail.com
03-09-2017 10:39:47 AM CST
Are there any sites available for April 9-12.

rick and sue
02-22-2017 12:20:01 AM CST

rick and sue
02-22-2017 12:19:49 AM CST

rick and sue
02-22-2017 12:18:44 AM CST

rick and sue
02-22-2017 12:18:39 AM CST

rick and sue
02-22-2017 12:18:14 AM CST

rick and sue
02-21-2017 11:59:54 PM CST

rick and sue
02-21-2017 11:59:29 PM CST

rick and sue
02-21-2017 11:59:24 PM CST

02-01-2017 12:10:14 PM CST
Are there any spots available for March?

Tom Kenner   llkenner2004@yahoo.com
12-21-2016 8:56:00 AM CST
For Sale: 2012 40ft. 5th wheel camper by Heartland. Front bedroom, washer/dryer, fireplace, separate kitchen and living room. Outdoor kitchen, 3 tv

Darryl Sczepanski   dsczepan@hotmail.com
11-13-2016 9:33:33 PM CST
Looking for a recommendation for a nearby chiropractor who accepts Medicare patients. Will be at Hide-a-way from Jan. 1-March 31, but want to get some things lined up in advance. Please e-mail suggestions to dsczepan@hotmail.com Thanks. Darryl

Gary & Darlene
11-13-2016 6:11:18 AM CST

08-31-2016 12:35:29 PM CST

Won't be long until we are escaping our Northern MN lake home for your place in FL. We are looking forward to spending a few months out of the cold. Larry and Lynn Voss

Konnie Jeffire    Kbjeffire@comcast.net
08-17-2016 6:58:34 PM CST
Looking to lease a park model on a 12 month lease. Please contact me if you or someone you know has a home available. Thank you in advance! Kbjeffire@comcast.net

Rudisill's   r_and_b02@yahoo.com
07-02-2016 11:53:00 AM CST
Shopping for a shed, and looking for someone selling one, or suggestions as to where to get one from.

Alice Merry   aliceandjohn2013@yahoo,com

Mobile home for sale in Hide-A-Way RV Resort, Ruskin, FL #407. Lots of updates. Seasonal or year round! $45,000. Message us if you are interested. Thank you for looking!

The More Fun Family!
02-17-2016 9:06:47 PM CST

Lovin the "hide"....and Wal-Mart South!

The More Fun Family!
02-17-2016 9:05:05 PM CST

The More Fun Family!
02-10-2016 8:42:14 AM CST

The grocery getter will be ready to roll. Ruskin here we come. No need for a ticker tape parade or welcome party, we will just make ourselves to home!

The More Fun Family !!
01-31-2016 7:35:03 PM CST

Here we come Hide-a-way Resort....The more fun family will be in the house in 11 days!

The More Fun Family !!
01-23-2016 10:51:56 PM CST
Getting Ruskin' Ready - Hot Laps and Sun - Here we come!! Go G and P!!

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